Information security : A pre-requisite for business agility

It is a given that businesses need to become agile to remain competitive, and businesses become agile by embracing digital technologies and the digital way of working. However, a non-negotiable pre-requisite for digitally enabled business agility is information security. At RTI Consulting Services, we believe Microsoft 365 offers a simple, elegant and cost-effective way ofContinue reading “Information security : A pre-requisite for business agility”

Go agile or go extinct : Reiventing project management for the digital age

As this is fundamental to getting Agile right,  let me begin by reiterating what I said earlier,the two aspects of Agile  – an agile mindset, and agile methods and their associated practices need to go hand in hand. A mindset without the methods and practices is non-practicable Agile, while methods without the Agile mindset will resultContinue reading “Go agile or go extinct : Reiventing project management for the digital age”

Agile practice guide : What is Agile and why getting the definition right matters

Agile – It is both the mindset and the method Agile is everywhere in the world of work – in casual conversations, in formal management meetings, even in boardrooms – there is constant chatter about Agile.Where ever you turn, some one seems to be mouthing an ever-expanding stream of agile phrases – daily standup, xp,Continue reading “Agile practice guide : What is Agile and why getting the definition right matters”

Agile practices without an agile mindset = Cargo cult agile

Something similar to Cargo cult science, seems to be happening with the way the Agile is being implemented in projects. Cargo cult science is a phrase describing practices that have the semblance of being scientific, but do not in fact follow the scientific method

Leverage project management to maximize the value of agile

There is little doubt that organizations are embracing the agile way of working , in a big way. What is also clear is that organizations fail to fully realize the value of agile. The primary reason for this failure to maximize the value of agile, is the overlooking of the role of project management toContinue reading “Leverage project management to maximize the value of agile”

Deliver a better customer experience with Office 365

Businesses large and small must innovate to set themselves apart. They must meet their customers’ needs, but also put practices and tools in place to quickly pivot as their customers’ needs change. Kelly Services has helped millions of people find jobs by doing just this. They quickly match the right people with the right jobs,Continue reading “Deliver a better customer experience with Office 365”

Amplify your team’s output with Office 365

You can’t maximize your collaborative potential if you’re tied to a desk. At RTI Consulting Services, we often see businesses that want to focus on increasing collaboration, yet they are using archaic communications tech. In any industry, you need the right tools to produce a superior product. And today, tech is a vital tool forContinue reading “Amplify your team’s output with Office 365”

Become a digital leader in your business with Office 365

Collaboration and communication are the keys to any well-run business. With over 300,000 employees, GE knows all too well the challenges of such an endeavor. Thanks to Office 365, GE can focus on creativity instead of on the processes that drive it. With teams forming dynamically, GE employees now work together better to solve theContinue reading “Become a digital leader in your business with Office 365”

Scale collaboration with Office 365

From working out of a basement to having over 400 employees across the globe, Lovepop has employees from Boston to Vietnam. But scaling their organization so quickly across such a large geographical area presented its own problems–collaboration. But Lovepop didn’t skip a beat thanks to the mobility and ease of communication they experienced from integratingContinue reading “Scale collaboration with Office 365”