Your Digital Transformation Partner


RTI Consulting Services, is an IT project management and training company that partners with enterprises to drive their IT & digital projects.

We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and enterprises embrace, utilize and benefit from digital technologies, so that they can flourish in our increasingly digital world.

Contact us and let us begin a conversation on how you can leverage our services to drive your digital transformation projects

  • Project Management Services: We are experts at successfully managing IT projects and programs, with a proven track record of using structured and agile methods for delivering projects and business results, successfully. Please get in touch to find out how we can deliver projects from soup to nuts, or more plainly – from business case to business results.
  • Training: We strongly believe that to become high performers in the digital age, professionals, teams and enterprises need to quickly learn digital age technical and management skills.  So, our approach to training is application focussed – enabling individuals and teams to rapidly learn and apply  these skills to deliver digital technology initiatives, at speed and with high quality. We are passionate about helping you – individuals, teams and enterprises – become high performers, and want you to  check out our training section and contact us, to learn how our digital age skills training in – Agile project management, Agile product development, Cloud computing and DevOps – can help you become high performers, quickly.
  • Office 365 :  Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365 enable individuals, teams and enterprises to do work securely at digital speed,  within and across organizational boundaries. Leverage our project and change management expertise to deploy these digital services successfully and use them effectively to transform the way you do work.  We offer  the following services : Project management services – to successfully deploy the right Office 365 services , Change management services – through training and coaching ensure that you are maximizing the benefits of your investment in Office 365, 24 x 7 technical support – so you have support, any time you need it. Reach out to us to find out how with Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft 365 and our services, you can
  • Project online : Digitally transform your project management practices with Project Online ( Project & Portfolio management) and Office 365 suite of products and services. Let us begin a conversation, on how we can work together to help you plan, implement and adopt  Project Online to drive a step change in your project management productivity.