Agile & DevOps training

Companies across the world, across all industries and of all sizes are embracing Agile & DevOps ways of working, as part of thier digital transformation. Digital transformation is creating a huge demand for skilled Agile & DevOps management professionals.

By acquiring and continually enhancing their Agile & DevOps management and leadership skills the following IT & Business management professionals will become more successful, advance their careers and become leaders who can successfully lead digital transformation initiatives.

  • Project managers, Program mangers, Portfolio managers
  • Release managers, Development leads, QA leads, Environment management leads
  • Scurm masters, Product mangers, Business Analysts, Agile coaches
  • IT and business executives

So if you want rapdily learn, internalize and utilize Agile & DevOps ways of working, we encourage you to join one of our upcoming Agile & DevOps class.

In addition to providing you the ability to immediatey apply what you learn, our courses lead to certifications. Certifications are a validation of your Agile & DevOps knowledge and skills and make you more valuable.

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  • DASA DevOps Coach
  • DASA DevOps leader
  • DASA DevOps fundamentals