Agile & DevOps consulting & coaching

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There isn’t one universal way of doing agile or DevOps. Each organization must adopt, adapt and evolve agile & DevOps practices suitable for its context and business goals.

So, let us connect on LinkedIn and chat about how we can help accelerate the adoption and evolution of your Agile & DevOps practices so you can deliver technology and business projects and products in line with the demands of your business.

Our services

  • Build high performing teams: Training, consulting and coaching for building happy, motivated and continually improving Agile-DevOps teams using the DevOps Agile Skills Association team competency model, Agile Fluency Model and the relevant scrum, kanban, XP, DevOps and product development practices.
  • Improve software delivery performance: Using the DORA ( DevOps Research Assessment) metrics & capabilities model and through assessments, workshops, consulting and coaching engagements, we help build a high-performing IT function that can deliver software products and applications quickly and reliably. (DORA metrics for software delivery performance: Deployment frequency (DF), lead time for changes (LT), mean time to recovery (MTTR), and change failure rate (CFR))
  • Improve time to market: In the present digital age the lead time from business idea to realization needs to be urgently reduced. We use Lean portfolio management, value stream management and the flow framework to help organizations reduce the time to market of their software powered business products and services.

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The case for Agile & DevOps transformation and the journey to enterprise agility: Every organization that operates at scale in the present digital age is a software business. So organizations must master the ability to build and operate software systems at speed and scale. This mastery enables them to drive product and business model innovation to compete and win in the digital age.
Agile & DevOps way of working is how organizations build the capabilities to develop, deploy and operate software systems at speed and scale to drive software-powered innovation. Being Agile or DevOps is not the end. Instead, they are the means to an end: achieving business results through software-powered innovation.

The transformation journey: It is a journey to transform from the current ways of working to the Agile & DevOps ways of working. The waterfall method is a common method to deliver software applications. However, because the waterfall method isn’t suitable for the digital age, organizations have to transition to agile software development.

Agile & DevOps transformation: But agile software development itself will not deliver business results. To deliver business results Agile software development has to be combined with all the activities required to deploy and operate software applications. The activities of the entire value stream from development to operations have to be organized and optimized for the fast flow of work and value. The DevOps way of working helps organizations do that.

BizDevOps or Enterprise agile transformation: The planning, budgeting and funding work that the leadership and PMO does has to transform to achieve end-to-end agility. This transformation is the domain of Enterprise agile transformation or BizDevOps transformation.