Build high performing teams

Team transformation services: Training, consulting and coaching for building happy, motivated and continually improving Agile-DevOps teams using the DevOps Agile Skills Association team competency model and Agile Fluency Model and the relevant scrum, kanban, XP, DevOps and product development practices.

Teams are the building blocks of modern organizations. Becoming a high-performing team is a journey.

We offer two tracks to help organizations build high performing teams:

  • Consulting & Coaching track
  • Training track

Consulting and coaching track: Online or on-site consulting and coaching delivered through workshops for teams to become proficient in the agile and DevOps ways of working

Consulting and coaching track

Assessment method: Each team is different, and each organization is different. They have different goals and investment budgets. So, we don’t recommend a prescriptive team transformation method.

We don’t say you have to do Scrum, Kanban, SAFe or another specific method.
Instead, we use the Agile Fluency Model to define agility goals for the team and coach them to achieve thier goals.

Agile Fluency® is a registered trademark of Agile Fluency Project LLC.

Investment in capabilities to support team’s agility level: Assessments and workshops based on the DORA ( DevOps Research and Assessment) capability model

The DORA model has four system level metrics to define the software delivery performance of a product or IT application.

The four system level metric for IT product or application are

  • Lead time: the time from code commit to code deploy 
  • Deployment frequencies: how often changes ( code, configurations) are deployed 
  • Mean time to restore service in case of a failure
  • Change fail percentage 

We use the agile fluency model and the DORA capability model in combination to improve the agility and Software delivery performance of teams and organizations.

The Training track

Training track: Online or on-site training for your teams to acquire the skills and knowledge to become successful Agile-DevOps teams.

Step 1: Assess the current state of the team’s skills and knowledge to work as a high performing Agile-DevOps team with DASA DevOps team competency scan. The competency scan identifies the skills and knowledge the team lacks to become a high performing team. Link to the team competency scan.

Step 2: Train teams on the skills and knowledge required to become high performing Agile-DevOps teams

List of training courses for building high performing Agile-DevOps teams

  • DASA DEVOPS FUNDAMENTALS: DevOps Fundamentals is the starting point for anyone involved in an Agile-DevOps team. The DevOps Fundamentals is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your Agile & DevOps vocabulary and to understand its principles and practices. With the help of key concepts and terminology, real life case studies, examples and interactive group discussions and extensive exercises in each module you will acquire a fundamental understanding of Agile & DevOps.
  • DASA DEVOPS PROFESSIONAL – ENABLE AND SCALE: Because leadership is now distributed and a responsibility of a team, the DASA DevOps Professional Enable and Scale certification provides team members with practical understanding and experience in leading DevOps teams. DASA recognizes four major skill areas: Courage, Team-building, DevOps Leadership, and Continuous Improvement.
  • DASA DEVOPS PROFESSIONAL – SPECIFY AND VERIFY: The DASA DevOps Professional specify and Verify course focuses on ensuring that the requirements of the customers are fully understood and brought into the team so that these requirements can be integrated into the IT product or service being delivered by the team. The following knowledge areas are covered: Business Value Optimization, Business Analysis, Architecture & Design, and Test Specification.
  • DASA DEVOPS PROFESSIONAL – CREATE AND DELIVER: The DASA DevOps Professional create and deliver course addresses the heart of a DevOps team, as it focuses on Programming, Continuous Delivery, Security, Risk & Compliance and Infrastructure Engineering

List of training courses for developing high performing Agile-DevOps leaders

  • DASA DEVOPS PRODUCT OWNER: The Product Owner is a critical leadership role and responsible for managing the full lifecycle of a product from concept to grave. This course program prepares Product Owners to realize maximum business value, engage with stakeholders, and deal with future requirements as well as operational challenges.
  • DASA DEVOPS COACH: The DevOps Coach helps team members and other stakeholders in the organization apply Agile & DevOps concepts, principles and practices within their organization. The coach oversees the transformation and guides the organization through their journey in building high performing teams.
  • DASA DEVOPS LEADER: The DevOps Leader is responsible for leading the Agile & DevOps transformation initiatives, and creating the framework for teams to scale and deliver business results. This course helps leaders understand leadership in the context of DevOps, discusses leadership development models, building teams, and transforming the organization.