Information security : A pre-requisite for business agility

It is a given that businesses need to become agile to remain competitive, and businesses become agile by embracing digital technologies and the digital way of working. However, a non-negotiable pre-requisite for digitally enabled business agility is information security.

At RTI Consulting Services, we believe Microsoft 365 offers a simple, elegant and cost-effective way of ensuring information security, with easy to implement features such as

  • Azure information protection to classify and protect documents to prevent data leakage
  • Cloud app security that monitors documents access rights, document downloads and any unusual activity
  • Intune to remove customer data with one click on lost or stolen mobile devices

Watch this brief video of how a recruitment company uses Microsoft 365 to ensure information security and to drive business agility.

With Microsoft 365 you can be both secure and agile. Talk to us about how we can help you become a secure and agile business with Microsoft 365 and our professional services – starting with an in-depth security assessment of your current state information security.

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