Improve time to market of digital products and services

Improving Time to Market for Digital Products and Services – DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Check out this enterprise leadership forum event I hosted with a panel of product management experts. We discuss the rapidly evolving field of product management and how you can use agile and DevOps practices to improve the time to marketContinue reading “Improve time to market of digital products and services”

Optimizing your cloud strategy: The Cultural dimension

Check out my webinar on addressing the challenges of the move to the cloud and how to capture the multiple benefits of the cloud. Here is the link to the LinkedIn event. While organizations continue to invest in the cloud, they are not yet experiencing the promised benefits from these investments. Focusing on technology aloneContinue reading “Optimizing your cloud strategy: The Cultural dimension”

From waterfall to scaled agile framework : reasons for making the transition

The defense industry, with its multi-billion dollar projects and contracts and multi-year timelines, has customarily built large cyber-physical products using waterfall project management methods. However, as technology advances rapidly and as the threat space within which these products operate continues to evolve, using the waterfall method to build such products no longer works. An alternativeContinue reading “From waterfall to scaled agile framework : reasons for making the transition”

Insights on using SAFe 5.0 to guide your digital transformation

SAFe 5.0 was a big release of SAFe, and responding to the demands of companies undergoing digital transformation, business agility is front and centre of SAFe 5.0. Dean Lefingwell’s conversation with Mik Kersten on the Project to Product podcast provides helpful insights for folks using SAFe or another scaling framework or even their homegrown frameworkContinue reading “Insights on using SAFe 5.0 to guide your digital transformation”

How to win in the age of software : Ensure you execute your business and technology strategy in unison, with flow metrics.

Based on the work of the economist Dr. Carlota Perez, Mik Kersten describes in his book, Project to Product, how to survive and thrive in the age of digital disruption with the flow framework, what happens to companies as the transition happens from one technological age to the next. Each technological age brings with it a newContinue reading “How to win in the age of software : Ensure you execute your business and technology strategy in unison, with flow metrics.”

Lean-Agile in practice : How to drive innovation at scale

Innovation is hard, scaling innovation is harder still. However, for businesses to compete and win in the age of software and digital, they need to innovate at scale and at speed. They need to bring to market digital products (software products or software enhanced physical products) quickly, learn from them and continually enhance them. InnovationContinue reading “Lean-Agile in practice : How to drive innovation at scale”

DASA competence & reference model : Using the best of Agile and DevOps to become a high performing product team

DevOps is strategic : think of it is as agile for the digital age where the definition of done for a product has shifted from being ready for release to the product being live in production, with the product team actively learning from its usage to further develop the product.
Do DevOps strategically to maximize developer productivity – a critical competitive advantage in the digital age , solve the last mile problem of software delivery and build products based on validated learning (a.k.a. lean product management) through DASA’s (DevOps Agile Skills Association) comprehensive guidance.
Check this succinct introduction to that guidance, so you reap the benefits of DevOps – high performing teams delivering business outcome through software based products.

Becoming an agile practioner : PMI -ACP guidance

Due to a confluence of factors, individuals and organizations are rushing to become agile. One of the visible factors driving this dash to agility is the publicly stated desire  of most organizations to become more digital – become more software driven, by building and operating their business products as either purely digital products or physicalContinue reading “Becoming an agile practioner : PMI -ACP guidance”

The business case for DevOps : Fully realize the business benefits of Agile software Development

The thinking that Agile software development and DevOps are different and separate frameworks, and hence need to be adopted separately seems to be taking hold. This is obviously, incorrect and has insidious long term consequence as it will perpetuate the divide between Dev and Ops. Although, Agile software development preceded DevOps – Agile software developmentContinue reading “The business case for DevOps : Fully realize the business benefits of Agile software Development”