Transformational leadership

How to become a transformational leader: Check out the Webinar I hosted on Linked

Your leadership style directly affects how people respond to changes in leadership, people, processes, and technology. How you lead determines your organization’s success.

When members of the organization are motivated, work autonomously, and feel ownership in an environment with a clear and shared product vision (formal or informal) leadership and a culture of trust, the organization, achieves maximum business value.

Check out the webinar on how to become an effective transformational leader.

I also offer an interactive, extremely engaging, experiential course on becoming an effective transformational leader.

Here are the details of the course.

The DASA DevOps Leaderâ„¢ certification enables you to exercise leadership principles with like-minded DevOps leaders and focuses on how to lead, drive, and support a successful DevOps transformation in practice

The course focuses on leading, driving, and supporting a successful DevOps transformation in practice. With lots of best practices, patterns, and anti-patterns from organizational culture, change management, leadership, people, process, and technology points of view, you will understand the importance of (informal and formal) leadership to create high-performance digital organizations.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, and let us talk.

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