Measuring software delivery performance with DORA

Check out the Webinar I hosted on improving software delivery performance using DORA ( DevOps research assessment) metrics.

Measuring Software Delivery Performance With DORA: A LinkedIn Event

In the digital age, the capability to develop, deliver and operate software-based products is critical to organizational success. But measuring the organizational capability to build and operate software-based products has been fraught with challenges for several reasons.

Software products, unlike manufactured products, don’t have visible inventory and a visible manufacturing process, which makes the software development and delivery process challenging to measure. 

Applying the manufacturing measurement paradigm to software development results in a flawed focus on outputs, such as measuring software development performance based on the number of lines of code. In software, it isn’t the number of lines of code that matters. What matters is achieving a business outcome with minimal lines of code. 

With the advent of Agile software development, velocity- the number of story points completed in an iteration -became an accepted way of measuring development productivity.  However, velocity as a  measure of software delivery performance has several flaws Velocity is a relative and team-dependent measure. Secondly, it makes it likely teams will game their velocity, especially if it is used as a productivity measure.

Find out in the webinar how the DORA metrics help solve these problems and allow you to measure software delivery performance at a system and business level.

Here is a sneak peek of the webinar

Measuring software delivery performance with DORA (Devops research and assessment) – DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

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