Create better products and reports with with Office365

Insight to data is crucial for an agile, responsive business. RTI Consulting Services understands that serving customers efficiently is accomplished through insightful reports based on the latest information.

Office 365 provides automated data calculation and visualization for more advanced reports. With Power BI, a simple, user-friendly dashboard provides a consistent platform. SharePoint enables you to design customized, role-based designs that are interactive and easy to navigate, empowering employees to focus on their work and share ideas and innovations.

See for yourself, in this brief video, how Office 365 makes data visualization both easy and enjoyable

Office 365 grants Henkel access to self-service insights for a more agile, responsive business. Improved data visualization brings added value to better serve customers while streamlining processes for employees. The automated functionality allows for better reports that lead to an improved product. Office 365 provides one platform, feeding Henkel’s strategic priority of simplification. This means a more advanced product for the customer and improved innovation for Henkel.

We can help you gain advanced insight into your data with Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to find out how.

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