Worldwide Educating for the Future index : Applying its insights to today’s workforce

Education Redefined: The Future is Now .While the primary focus of this EIU ( Economist Intelligence Unit) report is on making changes to the education system to enable students to acquire skills to succeed in the workplace that is being dramatically disrupted  by digital tehcnologies, it offers insights that can be applied today’s workforce.

The report identifies the following types of skills current students will need  inorder to flourish in the world as adults:

  • Interdisciplinary skills
  • Creative and analytical skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Digital and technical skills
  • Global awareness and civic education

To acquire these skills students will increasingly be involved in project based learning that will be enabled by digital technologies.

The opportunitiy for organzitions today is to leverage insights from the report to enable thier work force to learn, apply and enhance the skills indentified in the report. Here are two insights that organizations can immediately implement to drive thier success as well as thier employees success in the digtially disrupted word of today:

  1. Implement a digital infrastructure that allows work to happen anywhere, anytime and on any device
  2. Embrace project based work to embed the creative use of digital technologies to drive a step change in team and organizational productivity.

We suggest Microsoft 365 as the digital infrastructure organizations implement as it allows organizations to empower their employees to work digitally to achieve organizational goals.At the same time employees can use the same digital infrastructure to learn , apply and enhance the skills identified in the report.

However for organizations to truly realize the twin benefits of Microsoft 365 – using the digital infrastructure it provides, to achieve organizational goals and enhance individual skills, we suggest organizations embrace project management, as way of getting work done. This will ensure that digital technologies get embeded in the way people work which will drive the utilization of Microsoft 365. The effective utilization of Microsoft 365 to get work done digitally will be a predictor of organizational and individual preparedness to flourish in the digitally disrupted world of today and tomorrow.