SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)

Through SAFe training, consulting and coaching, we help individuals and organizations master the skills to succeed in the digital age

Public Training and Coaching for individuals: We are excited about the boundless opportunities for success that the digital age offers individuals. And we want to help you seize these opportunities.

However, to do so you need to become skilled in the new and emerging ways of working such as agile development at scale, DevOps, Lean Portfolio management, Value Stream Management.

We believe SAFe’s training and certification program offers the most comprehensive and practical program to master these skills.

We would like to be part of your learning journey, helping you learn, apply and continuously improve these skills. So watch this space for upcoming SAFe classes.

In the meantime, please connect with Irfan Shariff and Christine Aykac (trainers for these classes) on LinkedIn to find out

  • How we can train and coach you to learn and successfully apply the skills taught in these courses so that you can advance your career as well as help your organization succeed in the digital age.
  • How you can successfully pass the certification exam
  • How you can continue your learning journey after you pass the exam
  • How you can register and attend these courses.

Why you should invest in SAFe training : To advance your career by learning the skills to help your organizations develop, deploy and operate digital business solutions at speed and at scale.

As business and technology leaders, you need to help your organizations master the skills to develop, deploy and operate digital business solutions, at speed and at scale. And you need to do this urgently in order to meet the business demands of today’s rapidly changing digital economy.

But scaling agile software development beyond a few scrum teams delivering features to teams of teams delivering digital business solutions is challenging. There is the challenge of upskilling people – helping them learn agile, lean and DevOps practices. And there are delivery challenges of managing dependencies and maintaining alignment across multiple business and technical teams, throughout the product development lifecycle.

However, to successfully scale agile software development and to deliver valuable digital business solutions, you have to address these two challenges simultaneously.

We believe SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) can help you address the twin challenges of scaling agile development – the upskilling challenge and the delivery challenge. This in turn will enable you to guide your organization’s journey to mastering the skills of developing, deploying and operating complex digital business solutions, at speed and at scale – a prerequisite for surviving and thriving in the modern digital age.

Why should organizations use the market leading SAFe framework to guide their digital transformation : Because it is comprehensive, detailed and constantly evolving

Apart from the reason that” SAFe is the market leader with 26% of agile organizations having already implemented this framework, up from 23% last year” (as reported by the Gartner in the” Enterprise Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks”), we suggest you consider the SAFe framework to guide the scaling of your agile software development, as well for leading your organization’s larger digital transformation for the following additional reasons:

  • SAFe is comprehensive : SAFe is based on four bodies of knowledge : agile development, lean product development, DevOps and Systems thinking, so its guidance is holistic and comprehensive which means you can use it to strategically guide all aspects of your organization’s digital transformation.
  • SAFe is detailed : In addition, SAFe’s guidance is detailed enough to be practical. You can use it immediately and continually to improve the ways of working at all levels – individual, team and organizational level.
  • SAFe is constantly evolving : As technology driven change accelerates, SAFe’s guidance is continuously evolving, which means that you will always have the most up-to-date guidance to deal effectively with both the opportunities and threats of technology’s continued acceleration.