Project management

We are IT Project Management experts: We will help you get your projects done on time, every time, so you realize business benefits, quickly and continually.


IT project management has always been a challenge. However, in our post-industrial digital age, the need to address this challenge has become more urgent – as all businesses are on now either driving or being driven to become digital businesses, and at the same time IT project management has become even more challenging now  for the following reasons

  • There is constant pressure to innovate – if you aren’t constantly improving and innovating your company, your industry risks being amazoned.
  • Business demands faster, more reliable technology delivery – delivering on time in the face of quickly changing business requirements is critical to business success
  • The project delivery environment is extremely complex – Never ending technology innovations, Talent shortage, Multiple organizations, dispersed teams to name a few.
  • The struggle to adopt digital age project management practices (Agile,Kanban, Lean startup et al.) – Reversion to command and control industrial age project management practices which are unsuitable for managing knowledge workers; a critical success factor for project success.

We have both the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to help you in effectively managing your entire gamut of IT projects – from Legacy IT to Cutting edge IT.

Here are two models for engaging us

  • Your team, Our project management expertise : We will manage the project for you soup to nuts – business case to business results
    • We can also augment your team with our resources
  • Modernize your project management practices : Through our coaching and training services we can help you adopt and adapt digital age project management practices – Agile, Lean, DevOps
    • We focus on helping cross functional teams learn these skills through on site workshops and business simulations, so you see a quicker performance improvement

Please get in touch with us – let us get great “project” work done, together.